We all feel the most comfortable at home.  If you have lived and grown up in the same town for most of your life, you probably know the ins and outs of every crevice of that area.  However, when we reside in the same area for a long period of time, we begin to think differently from other parts of the world.  Problems that occur in the area that you reside in may be different than problems in different places in the world.  The culture and experiences of many locations are different, especially the farther you travel.  However, there are distinct changes in lifestyle that one will notice even in locations that are close to each other.  For example, Northern Californians and Southern Californians have different lifestyles and are influenced by different cultures.

You may think, "Great, I understand that there are different people, cultures, and experiences from where I live, but that doesn't give me more of a reason to travel...".  You may not be motivated to travel because you feel most comfortable in your own home.  However, it is important to move out of your comfort zone and experience new people and lifestyles.  Exposing yourself to these new lifestyles and experiences will help you grow as a person and help you understand people that you may not have understood beforehand.

Once again, you may have doubts.  "Why should I go out of my comfort zone? Will it help my work?"  Traveling for entrepreneurship is very important because when you are creating ideas for startups, you want to have an idea/product that will appeal to the masses of people around the world.  With more people to support your startup ideas, you will obtain a more successful startup that will rapidly expand to multiple parts of the world and make a larger profit.  To create a startup to appeal to this many people, getting out of your comfort zone is very important so that you understand what different people around the world want.