With the evolution of the world of social media, there comes an evolution in the job market: new social media job titles are popping up daily, from social media manager to online community manager. For those of you social media junkies interested in getting paid to blog, or new entrepreneurs trying to find social media junkies for hire, here are some jobs and careers that you can do with social media experience:

Community Manager: The online liaison between a business and its community of customers, the community manager measures and manages the company’s social media presence and strategies. This may mean pitching contest ideas for Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, designing a blogging strategy for Tumblr, or gathering content for the company blog, among other things.

Social Media Manager: The name speaks for itself. This is the person who manages a company’s social media. How is this different from a community manager? Some businesses need community managers, while others need social media managers. Both manage a brand’s online presence, but the former manages a community while the latter only manages promotion. For more complex businesses, where a deep relationship with customers is necessary, such as an art company, a community manager would be appropriate. For a company that makes sharpies, however, there probably won’t be a community to manage.

Content Strategist: While a social media strategist or manager plans a company’s social media campaigns and presence, a content strategist plans the content that gets published. Sharing an ad that you didn’t design through your social networks isn’t the same as planning what to write about for a blog. This is a research and writing position, but like any social media position, requires a good understand of social networking.

SEO Writer: I described SEO in a previous post. An SEO writer is the person who tries to optimize content for search, by including keywords. They have an acute understanding of search statistics and how to get your content the best exposure. But only the people working in the business will truly understand the content the best, so there’s a danger with a job like this of overusing keywords (“keyword stuffing”) or writing content that sounds contrived.

In addition to the above, you can also use your passion and experience with online media to become a writer, marketer, or PR specialist.

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