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In the Age of Information, many cities strive to become socially and economically attractive by turning ‘smart’. The Non-Smart Cities, with primitive and aging infrastructure, are increasingly faced with challenges in keeping talent and attracting lucrative business opportunities.

The emerging Smart Cities powered by resilient plans and innovative projects, regularly outcompete the Non-Smart Cities in four major areas: Technology, Energy, Mobility, and Innovation.

Athgo in partnership with Madison Springfield, Inc. (MSI) provides Smart Urban Planning solutions. Our services include:

  1. Conducting an Urban Assessment to Evaluate Readiness for Smart Urbanization in a City or a Society,
  2. Identifying Transition and Growth Strategies, and
  3. Drawing Implementation Plans for Smart Urbanization.
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What’s a Smart City?

What’s a Smart City?

Click to View Infographic Smart City Can you really tell by simply looking at a city whether it is Smart? The answer is probably - No. That’s because most of the current smartness in cities is in assortment of sensors, actuators, and beacons that make certain things...

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Contact us if you would like to learn more about our ongoing ‘Smart City’ initiatives or if you are interested in Smart City assessment and transition planning.