The Architects of the Future

Reforming the UN to Meet the Millennium Development Goals

United Nations Headquarters

New York

April 25-27, 2006


Involving 400 young professionals, diplomats, and students from world Universities and Colleges, the three-day event discussed the proposed UN reform and its importance for meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The success of the Millennium Declaration of the United Nations and the eight MDGs depends not only on acknowledging the unacceptably high levels of global poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality, child and maternal mortality, disease and environmental degradation but also on the capacity of crafting preventive programs and having the prowess to carry on the set forth goals.


  • Discussing the proposed UN Reform and the importance of the MDGs
  • Effects of the proposed UN Reforms on the progress of the MDGs
  • Exploring how implementing the UN reform will help meet the MDGs
  • The role that young people could and should play in reforming the UN and achieving the MDGs

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