The Role of Good Governance in Economic Development


World Bank, Washington DC
August 1-3, 2007
Co-sponsored by theWorld Bank, External Affairs

Over 200 young professionals and students from various national and international Universities, Colleges, and Civic Organizations participated in the Second Annual Global Forum at the World Bank’s Headquarters in Washington, DC from August 1-3, 2007. The three-day event focused on:

  • Anticorruption
    Preventing the misuse of public power by government officials for personal gain.
  • Corporate Regulatory Frameworks
    Public enterprise reform, corporate governance, improving state’s regulatory function, and strengthening business-government interaction. Generating public and private partnership.
  • Legal and Public Administration Reform
    Institutional enhancement of the legal and judicial systems and the development of the legal framework for private sector development. Making the civil service more merit-based. Reforming the public sector to operate more efficiently and effectively. Applying the market principles of competition.

The participants worked in small groups and participated in highly interactive sessions, which included:

  • Presentations from the field and World Bank experts
  • Ambassadorial presentations on country-specific experiences
  • Panel discussions by specialists on problems of introducing good governance practices
  • Breakout sessions debating and negotiating viable methods to establish good governance
  • Social events with diplomats, corporate executives, and foreign service officials
  • Networking opportunities with young professionals and diplomats from the world over

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August 3, 2007

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