Best of Athgothon 2015

From August 12th to 15th, youth between the ages of 18 and 32, flooded the World Bank Headquarters for Athgothon 2015, a competition aimed at technology and business startups, which have social and environmental causes – constructive businesses.
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Athgothon Highlights

A variety of speakers – from Ms. Kathy Calvin, the CEO of the UN Foundation to a Hall of Fame, NBA legend Mr. Dikembe Mutombo, and others from the Silicon Valley – bestowed their knowledge and wisdom upon participants about innovating intelligent businesses, securing funding, building lasting teams, reaching sustainability and more.

Young participants formed new startup teams to create constructive businesses. Thorough discussions, riddling questions and deep contemplation arose out of teams while they toiled towards fine-tuning their pitches in hopes of securing grants as well as potential partnering with forum’s high-profile observers and investors.

Our Winners

Congratulations to the three teams that have won innovation grants toward their new startup businesses!

First Prize: Gusto Gum

Second Prize: Round Up

Third Prize: Amber Alliance

Special Recognition

Athgo in Africa