Networking is an integral part of business, and with LinkedIn, you’re able to drastically increase your company’s reach and mobility. And with over450 million users, it has earned a reputation as the number one network for lead generation. Therefore, as a big or small company, the potential behind having an efficient and successful LinkedIn is growing fast. So how do you make sure your company’s profile is up to scratch? Check out these do’s and don’ts for your LinkedIn account.

Be Proactive

Keeping active and participating on social media is a good rule of thumb if you want to stay relevant and get the most out of your profiles. Try searching for like-minded people and causes that could compliment your business. See if you can remain informed about current connections and introduce them to each other so they gain added value. You should also take the time to join LinkedIn groups and engage in community discussions.

Cross Promote

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn should be cross-promoted via other online interfaces. Be sure to attach links to other social media profiles and your website on your LinkedIn profile; you should also include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your other online platforms. This way, connections get a full scope of your business and are able to regularly engage with company activity.

Keep Your Profile Complete and Current

What’s the point of exposing your company to the public if it doesn’t reflect your company’s current stance? Make sure you’re constantly reviewing the information on your profile and updating it with something new and interesting. New departments, initiatives, partnerships and awards received are some examples of information that can be updated and included on your LinkedIn profile. Amway, for example, includes recent data and revenue figures. Their description states that they’re the 29th largest private company in the U.S. with a revenue of $9.5 billion. Posting these kinds of statistics is a great way to softly promote your brand and keep users informed about business practices.

Don’t Spam

Isn’t it annoying when someone on social media keeps posting about the same thing or fills up your feed with blatant advertising about their 25 percent off deal? Try not to be that company that users find irritating. Instead, use your LinkedIn to show there’s value in connecting with your company. Also, make sure you don’t constantly advertise on your profile. Posting interesting facts, articles or related charities that align with your business is what will ultimately interest your connections. Furthermore, it’s important not to automatically sign up connections to your newsletter, as this can be seen as spam and can reflect dishonest intentions. Perhaps try explaining what benefit users would get from your newsletter and encourage them that way.

Don’t Connect Without Researching First

When making new connections, it’s important to take the time to research who they are and ensure there are commonalities between them and your business. Rather than send the default ‘join my network’ message, be prepared to explain why you’d like to connect and why it’s mutually beneficial. Building relationships based on common interests and qualities is typically a great way to make a connection.

LinkedIn is a great networking platform that can be really beneficial to companies if used correctly. As with all social media, there’s particular etiquette and strategy that can help companies utilize the platform effectively and form strong, mutually beneficial relationships.