I Am God… So Are You

It seems throughout history, anything that we couldn’t understand we outsourced to a higher power — God. Yet, as humans have progressed, many of the god-assigned phenomena have been stripped away and consigned to Science.

Going back, we thought the Earth was flat, and when we didn’t understand storms and thunderbolts, we assigned these natural developments to the early gods of the seas (Poseidon) and sky (Zeus). When the peaks of gigantic mountains were a mystery, we thought gods lived on top of them — like Mount Olympus in classic times.

Of course, the concept of God is still relevant because there are still many old and new things that we don’t understand or can’t explain. But that’s the double-edged sword with information — sometimes, the more you know, the less you understand.

We have conquered the land, the mountains, and the oceans. And now we face the next frontier, Space — moving beyond what we can explore with our senses, examining things that we can’t see with our own eyes.

I admire the recent and incredible photos that the New Horizons unmanned space probe took of Pluto and its five moons. It took only 9 years to travel more than 3 billion miles to almost the edge of our solar system. Why ‘only’? Because, in the Middle Ages, it took Marco Polo around the same time to get from Europe to China and back.

Where in the past, we thought we could only exist on a small tract of land surrounded by water, today we can travel to any part of our world without ever stepping into water. And now we’re even considering colonizing other planets — billionaire entrepreneur, and SpaceX’s Elon Musk already has plans for colonizing Mars and NASA is preparing travel suits. Where do we sign up?

Back here on our sacred Planet Earth, we’re discovering some “magical” things that exist beyond our comprehension — organisms living on the bottom of the ocean (over 400 different species according to National Geographic) where the water pressure should crush any living being. At the ocean’s deepest point, the water pressure is the equivalent of having about 50 jumbo jets piled on top of you.

Organisms survive in the most freezing, scorching and harshest conditions. There are also other phenomenal natural things like the spider that is able to instinctively produce the world’s strongest biological material, silk for its web, which is nearly ten times stronger than steel. Scientists are working on replicating this natural material for construction and medical applications. Just wondrous! The spider has an entire manufacturing plant within its body that, within seconds, produces material that is larger than its entire mass. And when required, it dissolves it back into its organism through digestion.

And, we humans have also proven to go above and beyond our assumed limits, especially at the times of fear, competition, or meditation. There is nothing magical about those abilities. Whenever we’re able to focus on a single important action, we’re able to surpass what we can or should be able to.


As we continue to evolve as a species, and break new barriers in nanobiotechnologies, we will stay healthier, live longer, become faster, build muscle, grow taller, and determine gender and genetic advantages before birth, etc. Speaking of birth, human fetuses still have “gill-slit” structures in our early stages, and we spend our first months of life immersed in the “watery” environment of our mother’s womb. So it’s not inconceivable that in the near future scientific progress may allow us to live without a need for oxygen — with it being produced through different ways in our bodies or eliminating the need for it altogether.

Which means we can simply wade into an ocean and begin “snorkeling” without any necessary equipment. What fun!

We could soon master growing limbs, maybe even a different type like wings…And since we are on this continuing path of evolution, we may likely be able to also control our mortality, or in this case, reach immortality. Death may be a techno problem just waiting to be solved.

Which begs the question…then am I a god? And, if I am, then so are you.