If you have a smartphone, you should already have the basics: Facebook (and Facebook Pages), Twitter (and TweetDeck or Hootsuite), Pinterest, Tumblr, and the like.

The news app you should be using: Flipboard.

Following the shift from print to online media, we are now seeing the shift from online to mobile media. Keep up with the changing times by using Flipboard, a mobile app that lets you search categories you’re interested in and read what’s hot in each of those. As of last month, Flipboard has added a feature that lets users create and share their own magazines based on the content to which they’re subscribed.

The photo-based app you should be using: Instagram.

Not just for hipsters anymore (there’s an app for them, called Hipstamatic), Instagram has risen straight to the top of the photography world. Pros are using it, and some of its users are becoming pros. And it isn’t just for photographers. If there are things to be photographed, then they should be Instagram-ed, and you should be Instagram-ing them.

The business app you probably already are using: LinkedIn.

If you’re a person who wants to work (in other words, if you’re a person), you should have a LinkedIn profile. And if you have a LinkedIn profile, why not have the LinkedIn app? LinkedIn isn’t just for resumes, and with the app, you can keep up with news, LinkedIn Today, and group discussions on the go.

The travel app you should be using: Foursquare.

Facebook lets us brag about how we’re feeling, but Foursquare takes that one step farther and lets us brag about where we’re going. And for doing so, you might even get a good deals and discounts (and the whole points/reward system is pretty nifty, too.) Especially if you have an office location, or a store, you should be using this app.

The sharing app you should be using: Dropbox.

Sharing documents is easier now than trying to remember what format will work best for email. Use Dropbox to quickly and smoothly disseminate files to the people you work with.

What other apps are you using?