Athgo presents its first program on the African continent.  The Entrepreneurship Web 3.0S is an interactive program that advances early-stage startup businesses through synthesized in-person direction and online collaboration.  The program will be held October 28-31 in Kigali, Republic of Rwanda.  The regionally focused engagement brings together 25 high-potential technology startups to generate base of knowledge and to deploy solutions in areas that strongly contribute to the success of growth driven startups.  The program is co-hosted by the Republic of Rwanda, the International Telecommunication Union, and Athgo International.

Keynote speakers will include H.E. Mr. Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda and Dr. Armen Orujyan, Founder and Chairman of Athgo International.  Other speakers include Mr. Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Dr. Tim Riesen, and Mr. Joseph Barnes.

The program is free for participants, but there is an application process in which startup teams will be chosen.  We encourage participants to apply for the program, especially if you are native to Rwanda and have startups in prototype stage.  So, make sure to register as soon as possible! You can find more information about the event at:

You can find more information about the speakers and the program itself.  Also, make sure to check out Athgo's Youtube channel at:

There is a promotional video about the program on our Youtube channel and there will be a Vlog about the program later this week, so make sure to tune in to get more information about the event.

If you haven't seen our other events occurring this Fall, make sure to check out these events too.  You can find more information on the Athgo website, past blogs, and our Youtube channel.  Athgo has many opportunities for students and young entrepreneurs entering the field, so it is important to harness the information that Athgo presents in order to succeed when beginning to plan your start-up.