Boost Your Career Potential

6 Ways to Boost Your Career Potential

Make a career plan – Set a target or goal you will like to achieve over a given period of time, stick to a to-do list and avoid procrastination, the benefits are endless, you can quickly become the “go-to” guy in your office, you will also have advanced your career and boosted your career capital. If and when you career changes due to circumstances around you, you would have added more marketable skills your resume.

Find a mentor – Mentors are invaluable guides when you start searching for a job or when you finally land one, they can help you settle quickly into your new position and provide important guidance which will make your life easier on your career path. Don’t ignore grooming and seasoned advice which might come to haunt you later in your career. The guidance they provide you is often from experience and will help you avoid mistakes other before you have made.

Think like an entrepreneur – You might want to expand your knowledge to other verticals like management and project handling if you plan on rising to an executive position in the future. Some companies provide training in these areas but where this is lacking, you will have to take the initiative and get this training on your own. You might want to start thinking like an entrepreneur because these top level positions sometimes require business decisions.

Continuous learning – Have you ever heard the quote “don’t rest on your laurels”? That applies especially in this situation. You cannot rely on the skills you acquired in school to see you throughout your entire career, take a certification in your field or an online course and reach the next level. Test yourself as you go along and apply for job openings on your new achievements, this gives you an idea how much you career capital has grown. Someday a position or a better job might turn up where this acquired knowledge will save the day for you.

Maintain a professional network – You have to expand your professional network, reconnect with your old contact or past colleagues, maintain an active presence on social media and update your LinkedIn so people can reach you. If possible post updates or important information for professionals on your channel, the advantage is that you can open up yourself to real-time information. More than 70% of positions are filled through contacts and professional networks.

Career fairs participation – Career fairs allow professionals to congregate and share ideas and knowledge. Companies and recruiters sometimes conduct onsite interviews in the bid to hire qualified candidates. The advantages are that you can grow your professional network and get to meet employers. Information on emerging trends and what actions you need to take on your career are readily available at these gatherings and you can also solicit expert advice and counseling.