As college students graduate from their universities with degree in their hands, they expect to have jobs lined up waiting for them.  However, in such a competitive employment market, job stability is not given to every employee.  To obtain a position in a company, it is important to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.  So, what can you do to appeal to the employers?

1. Market Yourself - Usually people only refer to marketing a company, but if you have marketing experience, make use of it and market yourself during interviews.  Convince the employer that you are the correct employee.  Employers want to know what you have to offer the company, so talk about your skills, experience, and accomplishments.

2. Job experience - Even by working at McDonalds, job experience shows an employer that you can work well individually and with other team members.  Your job experience does not have to be in the major you graduated in, you just need to have some kind of job experience.  Even if your experience is from an unpaid internship, you still have experience in working, which is a great feat.

3. Leadership - Although many would like to say that they are leaders, not everyone has leadership experience to support their reasoning.  Working as a camp counselor, president or executive board of a club, or a manager position all show employers that you are a leader.  Employers want to see that you can step up in situations, whether individually or in a group.

4. Adaptability - Being adaptable is a very important feat in the job market.  If you do not have all the skills necessary to complete the tasks at hand proficiently, it is important that employers understand that you learn very quickly and can become familiar with the job efficiently.

5. Create a Linkedin account - A Linkedin account is equivalent to your online resume.  However, you can add as much information as you want on your Linkedin account, while on a resume, employers simply want a summary to quickly read through.  If employers are interested in you, they often check through your social media, especially your Linkedin account.  If you have time this summer, make sure to check out Linkedin!

There are many other things that you can do to prepare yourself for employment.  Don't get discouraged if you are rejected from your first few opportunities.  The most important thing to do is to continue to apply to jobs and internships, show your interest to the company, and make sure to stay in contact.  If you cannot immediately find a job, volunteer or intern at other organizations or find something to do that you are passionate about, which you can also add to your resume and Linkedin.  Make sure to check out other articles like these as well: