by SABRINA KAY – Chancellor and CEO, Fremont College

It’s the holiday season and we have so many things to be grateful for. Many people say it’s better to be lucky than smart. But I want to say that it’s better to be blessed than lucky.

Luck is a random positive outcome that you got without putting in too much effort, like going to Las Vegas and winning the jackpot, or marrying your high school sweetheart and staying happily together for 50 years with no trouble. That takes a lot of luck.

A blessing is something that you were prepared for, where you made an honest commitment to the opportunity and worked really hard for it. Then, whatever God you may believe in was so pleased with your effort that he blessed you with a positive result. Because that positive result is a gift from our God, we call it a blessing.

That blessing starts with the Power of One when you believe in yourself. You become that person who has vision, who has leadership skills, who can be an inspiration, and who has the innovation — that one person who works harder than the rest, creates new jobs, new opportunities, builds new companies, and makes the economy better and stronger.

My associate and friend, Dr. Armen Orujyan, and I share the same dream to empower everyone to have the opportunity and tools to achieve their full potential. We believe that, regardless of your age, finding your passion and talent and having proper education change everything. And Armen and I agree that it all starts with that one person. So, why not be you?

Fremont College and Athgo have many parallel missions – empower others to create profitable new businesses that are sustainable and contribute to their communities. Armen has a great vision and the background to help inspire young people around the world and students at Fremont College to achieve their dreams. He is building a platform for our young people to use as a springboard, to acquire the tools to go out and realize that Power of One.

In this holiday season, I hope you take time to count your blessings and opportunities and start something positive for yourself. If you are not sure what opportunity you may have, please take our aptitude quiz at Get to know more about you – your dreams, aspirations, passion, and talent.

Whether it’s a new career, a new education, or a new dream, find an opportunity that will profoundly change your life. It is the fastest way to fully utilize your talent and start receiving your well-deserved blessings. I hope you believe that you are the ONE who will make the world a better place than before you touched it.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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