As the proud owner of a business, you completely understand the importance of offering the best possible experiences to your valued customers. Because of this, you want to empower your devoted team of customer success employees in as many ways as you can, so that they can serve your valued clients to the best of their ability.

Thanks to a great combo of some pretty cool technology and techniques, it is definitely possible to boost your customers’ experiences to the next level when working with your company. Check out the following ideas:

Automated Telephone Directories

If your business gets a decent number of phone calls during the day, an automated telephone directory can help to easily connect your clients with the best member of your CSR team to help them. Sprint offers a great example of how a detailed and clearly-defined telephone directory can work. For instance, customers who call Sprint can press 1 to set up a new wireless service. From there, business accounts should press 8, and everyone else can stay on the line. There are also sub-groups of the automated directory, including adding new lines, technical support, billing and more. As a bonus, Sprint offers its customers a toll-free 800 numberthat customers can call, no matter where they are located in the U.S. By looking at your different departments and which employee handles what issues, you can follow Sprint’s example and set up a similar system that will quickly connect your customers to the best person to help them.

Offering Different Way to Pay

Giving your customers a variety of ways to pay for their products or services is also a great way to make them happy and inspire them to return again and again to your business. For example, clients who forgot their credit card at home or who simply prefer a super easy way to pay will be sure to appreciate it when your CSR team offers them mobile payment options like Apply Pay, Square and more. You could also look into offering Visa Checkout for your online customers; this stores your clients’ credit-card info and lets them pay for their purchases right on your website.

Empower Your CSR Team to Make Decisions

While technology can definitely boost the customer service experience, your team of amazing CSR reps also plays a major role in keeping your clients happy. In addition to offering innovative types of technology, provide your customer success employees with techniques that can benefit your customers. For example, give your CSR team permission and the power to make decisions to help your customers, even if these choices go outside of company policy from time to time. For instance, you may have a strict policy about not accepting returns after 30 days, but if a regular customer or client who had an emergency and missed the cut-off needs to exchange an item, giving your reps the freedom to make allowances in cases like this will keep your client happy.

Teach Your Team and Provide Resources

Providing outstanding customer service does not have to be difficult or complex, but it does involve a devoted team of customer success employees who feel empowered to do the right thing, along with some key pieces of technology. While tech devices like automated phone directories and payment options are definitely beneficial, your employees’ ability to make a personal connection with your valued customers will play a huge role in their satisfaction with your company.