Hello my friends!

I took a while to write my next blog. I am just back from Istanbul, Turkey where I helped organize the 4th UN Conference on the LDCs and took part in 4 sessions. We also hosted an Athgo session titled Entrepreneurship – Tested Prescription for Wealth Creation. The discussions focused on the required ingredients for successful entrepreneurship in the LDCs – the 4-Pillars to Success: intellectual, inner, networking, and financial prowess that every individual must possess.

We also explored the relationship between problems and opportunities. Specifically that the problem areas create distress, which in return can incite entrepreneurship. Opportunities create demand and entrepreneurs provide the supply. This relationship has been present throughout the history of humanity, especially when it pertains to survival, security, and scarcity. For example, when food was scarce, new tools were created, new sources were found, new processes established, etc. The same demand-supply cycle has been reinstated in a host of other areas, including communication and transportation, and the list can go on. Looking at all these and other areas of history, it is clear that where there is a demand, there will be supply. Yet, when we look into the developing world, especially in the past sixty years and a trillion dollars later, the theory has failed to produce tangible results.

I look at this failure to deliver positive results as an opportunity in of itself. The question is identifying as to whom to look at who can harness this opportunity. The answer is simple: young people, as they are an abundant resource in the LDCs, but also around the world.

Especially in the age of technology, young people are a true source of wealth as front-end users and back-end developers. Larger and deliberate investments should be directed toward youth, a segment of the population that does not require significant capital injection, yet promises substantial returns and for a longer period. We must unleash young masses. With current techno-hype realities, it has to be through digital means by way of a tool that brings a complete solution with the 4-pillars available, interconnected, and most importantly accessible by individuals.

We are very close in displaying a solution in this area – a matter of weeks now!