Technology can be one of the biggest distractions facing the modern entrepreneur. From Pokemon Go to social media to Gmail, having everything you could possibly need or want at your fingertips can be used to further your business or distract you and lead you further away from your goals.

So what’s the solution? It’s not to get rid of your phone or unplug completely. You’ve got to get clever and make your tech work for you. So turn off the Candy Crush notifications, and turn your tech into the best tool for success that you’ve ever owned.

Block Out Distractions

It’s tough to block out distractions when you’re constantly getting notifications. So turn them off. Even if you’re heavily involved in social media as part of your startup, make the commitment to only check it twice a day. And unless you’re waiting for a truly time sensitive email, only check that twice a day as well. Turn off your social media notifications. You just don’t need to know these things while you’re working. They may seem innocuous in the moment, but every little bit of your focus and energy that you give away to the everyday grind of business adds up. It takes away from your ability to complete the big, looming tasks that enable you to take your company forward, not just maintaining the status quo.

If willpower is a problem, work with yourself and not against yourself. Apps like Freedom and Anti-Social allow you to block yourself for a period of time from sites you find yourself wasting time on. The Samsung Galaxy S6 allows you to block calls from blocked numbers or just any number that’s not in your contact list so you never have to waste precious minutes with an automated telemarketer ever again.

Stop Listing and Start Blocking

Lists are out. Blocking is in. Ever make a to-do list and notice how it never gets completely done? The Harvard Business Review knows why. It’s because lists are an ineffective tool people use to make themselves feel better and more organized at the beginning of the day, but they inevitably lead to disappointment and an even longer and more daunting list tomorrow.

That’s why so many successful entrepreneurs are advocating time blocking instead of list making. Instead of looking at all the things you need to do, think about how you want to spend your day. Block out chunks of time and devote them to the most important tasks at hand. Think of it this way: it’s easy to push off a big task for weeks or even months for a myriad of reasons. But if your force yourself to work on that big task for just an hour every single day, then you’re making undeniable headway and eventually you will get it done. Block out your calendar on your phone and set up alerts that remind you to switch tasks once each block of time is up. You’ll be more efficient and always have fresh eyes on the task at hand.

Get Centered

Rupert Murdoch, Oprah, Russell Simmons and Arianna Huffington are some of the biggest advocates for meditation and are some of the highest earning and most influential entrepreneurs in the world. From its ability to improve cognitive functioning to mental and physical health, meditation is something that most people would like to be doing every day but just haven’t made the time for. But new apps like Headspace, Calm and Buddhify, make it easy to sneak some meditation in every day, anywhere you have an internet connection.