Athgo International’s 5th Global Innovation Forum at the UN Headquarters


Register by Sept 15, 2012

Fee: $250

Athgo held its 4th Global Innovation Forum on “Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship” at the World Bank attracting over 100 students and young professionals from...

Early Registration - June 8

Fee: $99

- Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank, Founder

- Evan Baylin - Good Media, CEO

- Ivo Ivanovski - Minister, Macedonia


Athgo International, in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), invites 200 young people to generate entrepreneurial ideas, form startup teams, and build constructive ventures. Participants will have the opportunity to...

learn from area experts, successful entrepreneurs, and peers

improve their chances of success through 4-Pillars of Success Methodology



1. $3K grant - SolirBrite Project

2. $2K grant - U-Power Project

3. $1K - emPower Project

connect with prominent Executives, UN officials, Athgo leadership, Successful entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists

qualify for 3 seed development grants

- Presidential Grant - $3K

- Entrepreneurial Grant - $2K

- Innovative Grant - $1K



after 3 days of interactive and fun activities, walk away with an actual startup and a team.