When life continues to throw obstacles towards you, it is very difficult to maintain a bright mentality.  We all have moments in our lives that bring us down to a depressing outlook on life.  Whether failing a test, getting fired from a job, having difficulties starting a business, or being dumped during a relationship; it is hard to stand straight up with your head held high after discouraged incidents.  Yet, to succeed and have a bright future, we must locate a source of positivity and continue moving forward.   What are things that can help us stay positive, even in the most negative of moment?

1. Do not be hard on yourself

Everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes are inevitable.  However, we cannot dwell on the mistakes that we have made in the past.  It is important to continue to work hard towards the future.  Identify what problems occurred in the mistake and how you can prevent mistakes similar to this happening in the future.  But we cannot change the past, so it is best to let go.

2. Take breaks between work

Endless hours of work will not result in efficiency and productivity.  People can only work so hard before they become tired of the repetitious work.  Make sure to take breaks to lighten the mood.  Eat some food, meet and have conversations with some friends, or just sit back and watch a short television program or video on the internet.  Stepping back from whatever you are doing and coming back to it a bit later helps freshen the mind and spreads out the work that you are dwelling on.

3. Hydrate and sleep

Many people (ESPECIALLY COLLEGE STUDENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE) underestimate the power of sleep and hydration.  Due to a lack of sleep or dehydration, your mind can wander and enter a negative state.  The brain is fueled by water and sleep, so make sure to stay hydrated and catch up on sleep to be at the peak of positivity.

Make sure to stay healthy and keep stress to a minimum in order to stay positive.  Positivity is very important, especially when facing a great amount of stress.  A lack of positivity and an abundance of stress can cause depression.  Everyone has their own methods to stay positive as well, so make sure to learn about yourself and find the best ways that you personally find positivity to counter stress.