Are you on Facebook every day? Reblog on Tumblr at every chance you have?  Update Twitter daily? Instagram every meal? Find new crafts and recipes on Pinterest?


Society has changed since social media has connected every user through the internet.  We now have easy access to communication with our friends from school, work, and other social outlets.  In addition, we can connect with those who we know across the world.  We can connect with individuals with same interests as our own.  There are even social media sites that help individuals find long lasting relationships.  However, is social media ultimately affecting society in a positive or negatively manner.

First, lets examine the positives of social media.  Individuals can connect with their friends whether they are at home or in a different country or continent.  Social media makes communication easier between friends or family.  People can reconnect with friends from middle or high school and follow their stories and important events throughout their lives.  Social media also benefits businesses and organizations.  Social media advertises different businesses and promotes organizations.  It also updates those who are interested about events and promotions that these businesses may sponsor.  A new market of employment has developed from social media, such as Youtubers, bloggers, and other media jobs.  images

However, as people move their social lives to the internet instead of spending time with friends and family face-to-face, some may begin to question the friendships and bonds that they have with their peers.  Many individuals judge the popularity of a person by the amount of friends or followers that they have accumulated on their social media.  Yet, with individuals who have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of friends or followers, one must question how many of these people are actually friends.    Society has skewed the concept of being a friend through social media.  We must ask the question: Just because we are friends on Facebook, do we actually have a connection? Do I even know you?

Another problem that has surfaced recently is that children and teens are developing social problems due to social media.  Even if an individual is a professional at social media with hundreds of friends or followers, that does not mean that the individual can handle social activities face-to-face.  And social skills are very important when entering the working world because companies critique employees through their social actions through interviews.

Social media has both positive and negative aspects to consider.  It is entertaining, yet addicting.  However, I believe that we cannot classify social media as a positive or negative influence on society after weighing both sides.  There are both advantages and disadvantages that occur through the use of social media.  As long as social media is kept to a median throughout one’s life, society will not spiral into a social mess.