Even if you have a very clear idea of how you see your career going, you should continually be re-evaluating your skills and work experience while you are young, before you settle in to that ‘job for life’.

Of course, those lifelong jobs don’t really exist these days and that only makes the need to expand and perfect your skills even more important. There are various ways of going about making yourself more employable in the future – or a more attractive proposition for people wanting to invest in your ideas. In addition, it is never too early to start honing your career skills.

Learn and move

A busy resume that involves relatively short bursts of employment in a number of places is positively encouraged in the modern world – especially when you are just starting off. But if you are not learning new skills and then moving on, you are not really progressing your career. Take in all you can in a role and when you think you can learn more elsewhere, move. By picking up invaluable skills in a number of places, you will be able to perfect whatever full time role you end up in.

Broaden your range

For some, it may be beneficial to look into conventional education to develop your skills at a school or college. This could be vocational or simply to learn but by taking in new experiences and gaining knowledge across the board, you will be acquiring skills that you didn’t even know you required for that future position. By trying new things, you not only increase the chances of discovering that ideal job, you also show yourself to be the type of person who is open to giving things a go – and that is one of the most prized assets any individual can possess.

Contract work

If you are a little unsure of the area of business in which you want to specialize, consider a career as a contractor or consultant. Any of these paths allow you to explore a varied skill set and they give you the opportunity to build a network of connections to develop your business.

When working in a contracting capacity, it will benefit you to register with an umbrella company, which can help you manage your financial and legal obligations related to payments for contracts and invoices. Having a team of professionals manage these can help you to dedicate the focus needed for each job and offer you the extra time needed to develop your skills.

By learning and developing as many new skills as you can when you are setting out, you are giving yourself more of a chance of being the success you want to be – and taking a big step in the direction of the career you dream of. There is a variety of ways to increase your skill set; just make sure that you take every chance to do that when you can.