You have a great idea that you want to put into action.  You believe that your idea can change lives and will be adopted worldwide.  So, you put all your efforts to begin planning for your start-up.  However, there is a daunting obstacle to be faced.  Where is the money going to come from?  Finding sponsors and donors for the start-up is always an option.  But, you still need something presentable to these individuals so that they will understand your plan of action and be more supportive of the company.  So, what are some ways that you can make income to fund your future start-up?

1. Part-time Job: It is easy to work part time for some businesses.  As long as you have enough time to work a few hours a week, companies can be flexible with the times that you work.  Save up the money that you make from your part time work, and you are one step closer to initiating your start-up company.

2. Tutor: Many families will pay a good amount for tutors to teach their children different subjects.  If you excel in certain subjects, becoming a tutor may be the perfect opportunity for you.  Contact local schools or promote your skills through the internet to find tutoring opportunities.

3. Sell old possessions: You can sell the items around your household that you do not use anymore.  Websites like Ebay and Craigslist help to promote the items you want to sell and help find buyers who are interested in these products.  You may make a profit on items that you believed were not worth a great amount.

4. Rent out a room in your house/apartment: If you have extra rooms in your house, you can adopt a new roommate.  Draw out a contract and name a monthly rent price that helps you obtain a profit while individuals live with you.  If you are going out of town, you can let individuals rent out your house for however long you will be away.

5. Invest in stock: Investing in stock is an investment itself because you must put money into the stock in order to potentially make a profit.  Although some do not consider investments a gamble, there never is a 100% chance that you will make a profit off the stock that you buy.  Having a stockbroker is usually necessary too, so weigh the risks when entering the stock market.