The previous blog, 3 Reasons Why Network Matters explored how others help us achieve our goals. This blog looks into the drivers that lead us to action.  

Core Capacity

There is plenty of cliché inferences describing successful entrepreneurs as ‘driven people’, ‘individuals with spectacular passion’, ‘having the 6th sense’, etc. The entrepreneurship marketplace and others in the industry portray successful people as if they are genetically privileged breed. It certainly appears as such - Bill Gateses, Steve Jobses, and Mark Zuckerbergs are one of a kind, with extremely unique qualities.

Malcolm Gladwell in his best selling “Outliers” poses a different hypothesis. He finds that success is a function of being at the right place and at the right time, while also putting in 10,000 hours of hard work in a specific domain.

There is certain truth to Gladwell’s conclusions. It does require hard work and the right opportunity to generate success.  A recent study by Professor William Davidson of University of Michigan and Professor Earnest C. Arbuckle of Stanford University found that the biggest impact on success is entrepreneurs’ initial failure. That speaks well to Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice. The experience stemming from 10,000 hours assumes failures and faulty starts before walking away with the ultimate prize. This is what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did (remember Apple almost went bankrupt) and this is what every other successful entrepreneur will do.

The reality is that these alleged genetically privileged folks are not superhuman after all. They make the same mistakes and go through similar processes as anybody else. Then what is the difference?!  

For that we shall revisit our discussions from the earlier chapters of my 4-Pillars to Success series. People require essential resources for sustenance, which secures the Harmony and Order as discussed in our first blog of the series, the 3 Resources Essential for Our Survival. Those resources are finite. To be competitive we need to develop and expand our Intellectual, Network, and Financial capacities. We grow them only because we are seeking rewards in a form of essential resources, which in return secure Harmony and Order for us. That said, the relations between our three capacities and a function of the corresponding rewards explains one of the mystical human behaviors - motivation. I call this our Core Capacity (CC). The CC is our ability to be motivated appropriately to act effectively.

We do not require a magic wand nor genetic concessions to be effective and successful in our pursuit for success. We just need to have the right abilities to pursue a uniquely personal objective with corresponding rewards. For example, if you are building the next Google, you ought to have the abilities to construct the product, understand the business, and anticipate rewards from the success of your venture that will completely fulfill all of your short and long term goals. It takes hard labor to obtain the former and requires extreme clarity to recognize the latter. Powered with both, YOU are practically assured with success.

Building Core Capacity

A minimal CC requires at least an average IC and susceptibility to scarcity of essential resources. It is critical for us to be uncomfortable in order to succeed and succeed big. If our essential resources are abundant, there is very little motivation to do anything more since the rewards are clear and are presently congruent with our needs...

This will conclude the introductory part of the 4-Pillars to Success series. Just to refresh our memories, there are 4 required capacities for success:

  1. Intellectual Capacity has the ability to produce enough, more or better resources
  2. Network Capacity has the ability to add collective effort to produce enough, more or better resources with an amount that is greater than our individual effort as well as to extend access to essential resources and to information
  3. Financial Capacity has the ability to bring elasticity and longevity to resources
  4. Core Capacity is the calculated level of my actions based on my abilities in terms of meeting and exceeding my genuine wants and needs