It appears that in 1980, only 1 in 10 post-grads lived with their parents and today 4 in 10 moves back home. I came across this stat in an infographic put together by and thought of many young graduates that I come across and their feelings about moving back with their parents. A handful of them associate moving back home with failure and view it as a social stigma. I ask whether they should.

Two things come to mind. First, in 1960s, when the US was at the economic pinnacle, more than 50% of young-adults lived with their parents. Second, what was once considered an acceptable norm in terms of family independence, interdependence, and economic security has shifted in the past quarter of century. The rules of the game have changed. Moving back home today is no longer only to the benefit of the young adult but also the family as a whole. The parents benefit from an injection of fresh intellectual capacity and networking capacity as well as acquisition of significant byproduct in terms of knowledge and access to latest technology and trends impacting anything from their social interaction to the household’s economic stability.

That is not even important. What is important is that if you are a young adult and reading this as you are preparing for your next venture, just do what’s best for you and what positions you better to achieve your long-term goals and prosperity. Any stigma should only be associated with not utilizing all of the tools accessible to you that will get you to your dreams.

Embrace your dreams and take a step – preferably, right now!