George Washington Global Entrepreneurship Conference

Another Athgo event update!

The 2013 George Washington University Global Entrepreneurship Conference is being prepared for October 17th-19th. The conference will take place in three locations in Washington: The George Washington University, The World Bank, and The US Chamber of Commerce. They are all three blocks apart in downtown Washington. The event is divided into three parts during the three day period.

Day 1 (Oct. 17th) consists of a Database Fair which promotes data sets concerning entrepreneurship and firm creation.  Entrepreneurship leaders and small business owners are invited to attend this event.  Day 2 (Oct. 18th) has been named Public Policy Day and focuses on policy development in Washington DC.  There will also be a collaboration between the GWU, ICSB, SBA. OECD, and the WB for the development of the meeting.  Day 3 (Oct. 19) has been announced as Research Day and will be featuring presentations based on empirical data related to the different impacts of entrepreneurial films.  Survey, field studies, and other data will be featured in these presentations.  Entrepreneurs can gain vital information from these three days of conference.

If you are interested in this conference, you can find more information at There is more information about keynote speakers, sponsors, and programs at the conference.  You can also buy tickets from the link above.  You can also find a promotional link on as well as discount promotion for tickets to the conference.

There will be a video promoting this event on our Youtube channel later this week (  Registration for the event is open so make sure to register and get your ticket soon!