Always enjoying abundance - Life, Sun, Water...

I am a major sports fan and even bigger Usain Bolt fan. For a few of you who are not familiar with that name, Bolt is fastest man in the Olympics and arguably the best sprinter the world has ever seen and will perhaps for many many years. It is not only his speed, but the ease and joy he has in competing that helps him putting up the most unbelievable results.

Naturally, I watched the 200 meters final run yesterday in hopes to witness another greatness. I was not disappointed. Like many of you, I witnessed another historical run. It seems as if though Bolt defies the principals of physics, disregards gravity, and flies over the surface of stadiums every time. Another element that also stood out this time was his interview after the race with NBC network. With his natural superiority, drive, and determination also comes his humbleness and accepting of why and how he gets to his optimum. His emphasis on his coach and the coach’s abilities to continuously push him hard and to his limit was commendable. Even the Greatest has a maker or two around him.

For every and each individual accomplishment, the likes of Usain Bolt, Ashton Eaton, or Steve Jobs, need and needed that someone who guided and pushed them to reach their best and be their finest. In the sporting events it is demonstrated by medals, endorsements, and other similar accolades, and in the real world by our individual accomplishments that leave significant impact on ourselves and more importantly on those for whom we start businesses for or serve.

In my years working with young people and entrepreneurs, I have come across time and again that the basic need all people share is the need for direction and guidance in how to do things and importantly, in how to do them better and the best. While, I continue working on my startup that will make this knowledge available to millions of young people and entrepreneurs, I also have recently signed on to be an e-Coach for the Youth Employment Network, a partnership of United Nations, International Labour Organization, and World Bank. Let there be more Usain Bolts in sports and in all aspects of our lives. Hi, I am Armen Orujyan, a champ in my own making and a maker of champions!