Happy Valentines friends!

As apparent from this blog, the omnipresence of social media in our life is increasingly transforming our interaction with one another. The world that was once connected exclusively physically is learning to model that organic behavior almost entirely virtually. The paradigm changes not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘who’ in terms of the transformation in communication.

The legacy obstacles to gender equality are slowly being demolished by social media and technology in general. With each passing day, more opportunities are being built that enable women to capitalize on their efforts, especially in building and launching startups.

I learned from my work that most women entrepreneurs incidentally are not in need of money to compete with men, but rather mentorship and critical support that help formulate their ideas into businesses. We at Athgo continue promoting and supporting innovation that provides tech solutions focusing on engaging women in entrepreneurial activities, especially creatively connecting them to resources. Instead of focusing on engagement based on titles and positions where the competition is fierce and mostly based on biased qualities that don’t capture the essence of the pertinent skills, we center on key abilities that expand individual opportunities and bring about fairness.

With that, I want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day by saluting all persons who will practice partiality and favoritism today only when making their loved ones better.