The media has brainwashed society into thinking that money and happiness go hand in hand.  Many enjoy purchasing new products; whether it be clothes, cell phones, computers, or even food.  Contrary to what the media advertises, happiness is not determined by economic status.  We are happy when purchasing a new car or receiving our paychecks at the end of the week.  However, material items purchased by money cannot create true happiness.  Money creates the fabrication of happiness because people with money feel empowered and feel like they can be recognized due to money.

Due to this idea that money creates happiness for all, young individuals work extremely hard to pursue successful careers that will cause them to rise into high paying positions.  They begin to plan their lives in high school in order to achieve very successful jobs, thus creating a fake happiness in their lives.  However, many of these young people who pursue these careers may not like their major of study or career after college.  After working so hard for these jobs, these young people find themselves miserable instead of being happy.  A career that purely creates money and income without satisfaction and happiness is not a beneficial career.  Because you will most likely be working in this field for multiple years, make sure that you enjoy your major and the jobs offered in your major.

It is very disappointing that society believes that happiness is determined by the amount of income one earns.  Wealth and status should not be the driving force for individuals to find employment and work.  Although the epitome of happiness comes from different things depending on each individual, it is important to identify what makes you happy.  Also, it is very important that you make a career in an activity that you enjoy.  Working for the sake of money may be necessary to live comfortably.  Sadly, many individuals continue to work to obtain the max amount of money possible, believing that happiness will result directly from their hard work.

As we continue to work hard in order to provide for ourselves and create a meaningful life, we must also take moments to find what really makes us happy and begin to implement the things that makes you happy in your life.  It is important to make money to live a comfortable life, however money is not everything.  Because life is short, make sure to create as many happy moments as possible so that your success will not solely be determined by income, but by happiness as well.