Even for millennials, staying on top of social media platforms can be a challenge. There are so many, and even for those that know how to use them for personal purposes, it’s not always clear how they might best be used for business. If you have a company, you might be wondering if Instagram is worth the time investment.

It’s a good question. After all, unless you have a dedicated social media team, you can’t possibly manage a profile on every social channel. So how do you know which ones are a good fit, and which should take precedence?

When it comes to Instagram, the demographics of its users are what’s important. The bulk of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29. Income levels and locations vary, but this age range has held strong. So if your products or services are geared toward this age group, Instagram is the perfect place for your business to get active. If that’s you, here are a few keys to using this platform to maximum effect.

Don’t Forget About Words

Many articles have contended that Instagram should only be reserved for businesses that sell visually appealing products. And while it’s true that the social channel is photo-based, that mindset isn’t always right. In fact, any company, whether B2B or B2C, in technology or photography, enterprise or startup, can benefit from maintaining an active and thoughtful Instagram account. As long as your offerings are intended for the demographics of Instagram users, you’re golden.

Along these lines, you don’t have to rely solely on images. Use compelling pictures whenever possible, but feel free to intersperse them with inspiring quotes, product information that’s laid out in an aesthetically pleasing design or an infographic. Amway is a great example of a company that does this. By switching up their content, they can keep their posts fresh, frequent and interesting. And the quotes they use are highly reflective of their brand messaging, so each post reinforces their greater mission.

Get Cultural

Some businesses count themselves out when it comes to Instagram because they think their products or services are boring. Maybe you offer accounting services or software and aren’t sure what you could possibly post that would be interesting. This is a perfect scenario for showcasing your company’s culture, team and personality. Post pictures or videos of your staff working, hanging out or traveling.

Warby Parker is an ideal example of a company that uses its Instagram profile to share the brand’s personality. Of course, the eyeglasses brand does have a visually appealing product. But they don’t rely simply on images of their products. Instead, their posts give insight into their company culture, a view of pop culture at large and some photos that are just plain fun. All of it shows the company’s quirky, friendly and upbeat vibe — and keeps visitors interested.

Tell a Story

You can also use Instagram Stories to take your followers behind the scenes. NASA has done this in a really powerful way by creating stories that give more information about the pictures they’ve posted. This is a way to give your content more depth, and to offer more information to people who have willingly dialed in to see it. You can use Stories to show visitors snippets of “a day in the office” or maybe a brainstorming session about your next product iteration. This is a perfect avenue for making visitors feel like they have access to exclusive information and insight.

So, if you’ve determined your business can benefit from Instagram, hopefully these ideas and examples will help you jump start your content creation. With a little time and effort, you’ll be able to reap some of the rewards.