About Athgo

About Athgo


Established in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, Athgo is a nonprofit 501c3 organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the United Nations Department of Public Information. At the time of its inception, Athgo was used as an acronym for “Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities.” Since April 2008, the organization has dropped the acronym, and is known simply as Athgo.

Areas of Specialization



through innovation programs focused on constructive startup businesses

Intelligent Innovation

through innovation programs focused on the Internet of Things and Smart Cities



Constructive Entrepreneurship

The Constructive Entrepreneurship, as other entrepreneurship paradigms, seeks positive returns. The distinction is in the nature of returns sought by the Constructive model. Instead of seeking either only financial returns or alternatively social and environmental returns, or even blended returns at the time of payoffs, the model proposes an integrated business model at the outset. As a result, a business which includes products or services that provide communal benefits (e.g. low-income housing, affordable education, LED light bulbs, or community driven innovations) or have a community enriching organizational makeup (e.g. a predetermined percentage of the workforce and/or ownership will be comprised of underprivileged members of the public), and is Eco-effective is considered constructive.

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Enriching All By Enriching Oneself

Opportunities and entrepreneurship are two of the most dynamic engines/enablers of society. The presence of opportunity encourages entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship generates more opportunities. Essentially, it’s the basic demand and supply theory. Throughout...

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4 Pillars to Success

A behavioral framework that assesses the symmetry within and between Intellectual, Network, Financial, and Core capacities of individuals and businesses to help improve the stability and sustainability of a start-up enterprise through individual growth and team expansion. Read more in our Blogs…

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6 Ways to Boost Your Career Potential

6 Ways to Boost Your Career Potential Make a career plan - Set a target or goal you will like to achieve over a given period of time, stick to a to-do list and avoid procrastination, the benefits are endless, you can quickly become the “go-to” guy in your office,...

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How Africa Can Lead in Innovation

Africa is the continent of life! It is the land that gave birth to the first humans. It is the place that gave people an opportunity to flourish. It is where humanity planted the initial seeds that sprouted civilizations leading to our very own. And we made it because...

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