Glance into the Past

dc11 winner




SolarBrite Solutions, as the team named its new venture, combats this problem by providing students with a solar panel-equipped backpack.

Contributing to their solution were also numerous experts from the World Bank and the private sector including Edison, Daimler, and Cisco as well as venture capitalists. A panel of nine judges found the market potential of the product encouraging.



At one of Athgo’s Global Innovation Forums at the World Bank, five individuals from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world met for the first time.

Over the course of three days, they came together as a team that included:

  • Amal Kabalan, 27, Lebanon
  • Shemekia Taylor (not shown), 23, Jamaica
  • Nana Tweneboa-Boateng, 59, Nigeria
  • Min Tun, 20, Myanmar
  • William Patton, 21, USA

The team proposed a business idea inspired by many developing countries experiencing severe electricity shortages, thus limiting the ability of students to study after sunset.

dc 2011 panel



The team received advice from Nobel Laureate Mr. Muhammad Yunus and then had a chat with CEOs, Ambassadors, and other prominent guests at a reception hosted by the Finnish Embassy and took home a $3,000 Innovation Grant provided by Athgo to continue their efforts.


world bank venue

World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC