Interview with Kathy Calvin (video)

Interview with Kathy Calvin (video)

  Watch an interview with Ms. Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of United Nations Foundation. Ms. Calvin speaks about her experience at the Athgothon held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC in August 2015 and encourages young people all over the world...

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Interview with Jamie Metzl (video)

Interview with Jamie Metzl (video)

  Watch and interview with Jamie Metzl, Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council and CSO at ORIG3N, from the Athgothon held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC in August 2015. Mr. Metzl speaks about the advancement of genetics and his experience at the...

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Interview with Dikembe Mutombo (video)

Interview with Dikembe Mutombo (video)

Watch an interview with Mr. Mutombo, 8-time All-Star NBA Legend and Chairman and President of DMF. Mr. Mutombo speaks about his experience at the Athgothon as well as his future plans for the Dikembo Mutombo Foundation and work with young basketball players.

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Innovation Campuses

We bring local and global stakeholders in real-life experimentation and co-creation of solutions in a setting of an Innovation Campus.

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Innovation Forums

The Global Innovation Forums are immersive and highly interactive 3-day programs that provide guidance for budding entrepreneurs and innovators.

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Smart Urban Planning

Athgo Smart Urban Planning solutions include assessment of municipality readiness for smart technology integration and strategy development.

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Athgothon 2018

Athgo’s Global Innovation Forums help at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC provide an applied startup development experience to students and budding entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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Finalists will be honored at the Aurora Prize Ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia on May 28, 2017. One of finalists will be chosen as the 2017 Aurora Prize Laureate. The Aurora Prize Laureate will receive a grant of US$100,000. 

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SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: Ten countries most prepared for innovation
I.     Mauritius

II.    Botswana

III.   Cabo Verde

IV.   Seychelles

V.    South Africa

VI.   Gabon

VII.  Equatorial Guinea

VIII. Namibia

IX.   Kenya

X.    Nigeria


I love Athgo… Athgo’s work is just critically important and young entrepreneurs and young innovators are the future of our country, the future of the world. The more that we can do to begin dialogues with them, to help educate them, to help them educate each other, the better world we are going to have, and Athgo is an important contributor to that process.
Jamie Metzl


We are very grateful to have Athgo with us. Their [entrepreneurship] program is proven worldwide. It works. It turns startups into profitable enterprises. So, given this opportunities to the young people from the far corners of Africa is an unprecedented opportunity…
Jean Philbert Nsengimana

Minister of ICT, Republic of Rwanda

Athgo has huge impact on helping all of us understand that entrepreneurs can be anywhere, at anytime.  It can be a young person with a new idea, it can be somebody in the company who is trying to make change. And that most importantly we have to be looking for opportunities globally for entrepreneurs to flourish everywhere. Athgo does all of that.
Kathy Calvin

President and CEO, UN Foundation

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Our objective is providing young individuals of all backgrounds access to opportunities and resources that help them initiate, develop, and successfully launch constructive enterprises.

Join us in this endeavor by making a financial contribution to Athgo today. Large or small, your donation will be greatly appreciated and used as an investment in youth and their innovative business concepts.